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Experience the Magic of Miami from Above with Heli Air Miami's Unforgettable Helicopter Tours

Miami Mega Tour (Downtown and South Beach)
Most Popular! • 30 Minutes • Ages 3+ • Up to 3 People • Embark on the ultimate Miami adventure with the Miami Mega Tour! Witness iconic landmarks from a thrilling bird's-eye view. Marvel at South Beach, Star Island, Brickell, and more. Keep your eyes peeled for captivating marine life below. Get ready for 30 minutes of pure excitement!
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1 Hour Helicopter Tour Miami, Key Biscayne Lighthouse, Haulover
1 Hour • Ages 3+ • Up to 3 People • Experience the ultimate Miami adventure with the 1 Hour Helicopter Tour. Witness the city's beauty from above, including iconic landmarks like South Beach, Key Biscayne Lighthouse, and more. Marvel at stunning vistas and keep an eye out for marine life in the sparkling waters below. Prepare for an exhilarating hour like no other!
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Sunset Mega Tour
30-35 Minutes • Ages 3+ • Up to 3 People • Experience the magic of Miami's Sunset Mega Tour! Witness the city's most iconic sights bathed in the warm glow of sunset. This tour is a coveted favorite, so book quickly to secure your spot. Capture the breathtaking beauty of South Beach, Star Island, and more from above. Don't miss this unforgettable experience!
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20 Minute Miami Helicopter Tour
20 Minutes • Ages 3+ • Up to 3 People • Embark on an exhilarating 20-minute Miami Helicopter Tour! Soar from Miami Executive Airport to iconic landmarks like Fairchild Tropical Botanical Gardens, Coconut Grove Marina, and more. Witness Miami's beauty from above in a thrilling adventure you won't forget. Book now and experience the city in a whole new way!
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  1. What kind of helicopter do they fly and is it safe? Heli Air Miami operates a Robinson R44 Helicopter. This is one of the most commonly used helicopters in the world due to its unmatched safety record and economic cost to operate. This means that they can provide both a safe and affordable flight for you!

  2. Do I need to book online in advance? Yes! Heli Air Miami operates by appointment only and does not accept walk in customers. Their schedule can become very busy and they need to make sure passengers fly at their scheduled flight time to run smoothly.

  3. Where is Heli Air Miami located? They are located at the Miami Executive airport, 14145 SW 127th Street Miami Florida 33186 see map below – You will park and enter the International Flight Center North Facility where your pilot will greet you!

  4. Is there a weight limit? Yes, This helicopter has a structural limitation of 275 lbs (125 Kilograms) per seat. No passenger may exceed this weight, or no group may exceed 600 lbs (272 Kilograms).

  5. What happens if the weather is bad during our scheduled flight time? The Miami area is known to have rain for about 10 minutes every day. This is no problem since it usually passes quickly, however in the rare event that the weather does not work in your favor, they would reschedule the flight, or if that does not fit your schedule, they would happily issue a full refund!

  6. When do I need to arrive for my flight? PLEASE arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your flight time. Consider the traffic in Miami is not ideal, so please plan accordingly, if you are late, your flight may get cut short if there are other bookings after yours. CANCELLATIONS WILL NOT BE REFUNDED WITHIN LESS THAN 24 HOURS

  7. What’s the cancellation policy? Heli Air Miami will determine if flights get canceled or rescheduled for bad weather. For full refunds, customer cancellations need to be made 24 hours in advance or greater. Heli Air Miami has the right to cancel or reschedule at their discretion. No-shows will be charged the full price.

  8. If there aren’t enough spots available on the day I want to go, how do I book? The open spots are all that's available. You'll need to book another day.

  9. If I have questions after I book, who do I contact? You will receive a confirmation email with contact information for Heli Air Miami after you book. So make sure your email address is correct when booking.


What others are saying

We had an amazing experience!

"If you’re thinking about booking this excursion, don’t think. BOOK IT! We had an amazing experience. Our pilot, Bryan was so nice, explained every step of the process and was knowledgeable about the area. We felt safe and more importantly had a great experience. 10/10 highly recommend."
- Sherlyne Jean

She loved every minute of it!

"Booked a 30 Minute Sunset Mega Tour for my wife’s birthday and she loved every minute of it. Bryan is a phenomenal pilot 16 years of experience so no need to worry about anything going wrong. Great camaraderie during the flight, Bryan has a great sense of humor. Lots of sights to see, I’ve lived in Florida my whole life and saw things I’ve never seen before while on this ride. Most definitely worth it. The 30 minute ride is more than enough not too long not too short."
- Samuel King

Would definitely recommend!

"I had an awesome experience on my helicopter tour! The pilot was so knowledgeable about the area and I even got to see some manatees hanging out in a lagoon.It was a smooth, comfortable ride and the pilot focused a lot on safety. I tend to deal with motion sickness, but didn’t have any issues on this ride!Overall, I loved seeing Miami from a new perspective and would definitely recommend Heli Air Miami to anyone visiting the area!!"
- Megan Allen

Soaring Above Miami: Helicopter Tours RedefinedElevate Your Miami ExperienceWhen it comes to discovering the vibrant beauty of Miami, Heli Air Miami takes it to the next level - quite literally. If you're seeking an adventure that transcends ordinary sightseeing, their helicopter tours are designed to offer you an unmatched perspective of this stunning city. From iconic landmarks to breathtaking coastal views, they redefine what it means to explore Miami from above.The Heli Air Miami Difference: Beyond Ordinary Helicopter ToursA Perspective Like No OtherPicture this: the wind in your hair, the sun kissing your skin, and the vibrant cityscape of Miami sprawled out beneath you. That's the magic of a Heli Air Miami tour.Unlike boat or plane trips, their helicopter tours provide a unique viewpoint that showcases Miami's beauty from a whole new angle. Glide over South Beach's white sands, catch a glimpse of the celebrity homes on Star Island, and marvel at the sleek skyline of Brickell. If you're lucky, you might even spot marine wonders like sharks, manatees, or stingrays swimming gracefully in the sparkling waters below.Their Helicopters are Safe and ReliableYour Safety is ParamountAt Heli Air Miami, safety and reliability are non-negotiable. Their aircraft of choice are the globally renowned Robinson R44 Raven II helicopters. These helicopters are not only known for their exceptional safety features, but also their consistent and trustworthy performance. They understand that your experience should not only be unforgettable but also secure. That's why they've chosen these helicopters to ensure your peace of mind as you embark on your aerial adventure.Unforgettable Journeys, Not Just ToursA Commitment to ExcellenceTheir helicopter tours are not just about sightseeing; they are about crafting indelible memories. Every tour they offer is designed to be an immersive and transformative journey that lingers in your heart long after you touch down.This commitment to excellence is evident in the countless 5-star reviews they've received on Google. They are dedicated to providing more than just a service; they aim to offer an experience that encapsulates their passion and expertise.Frequently Asked QuestionsHow Much Does a Helicopter Ride in Miami Cost?The cost of a helicopter ride in Miami varies depending on the tour you choose. Prices start at $199 per person for a 20-minute Miami helicopter tour and can go up to $549 per person for a 60-minute helicopter tour of Miami, Key Biscayne Lighthouse, and Haulover.Each tour offers a unique perspective and an unforgettable experience.Are Helicopter Tours Safe?Yes, helicopter tours with Heli Air Miami are safe. They prioritize your safety and comfort by operating the trusted Robinson R44 Raven II helicopters, known for their safety features and reliable performance. Their experienced pilots are committed to providing you with a secure and memorable journey.Is a Helicopter Tour Worth the Money?Absolutely! A helicopter tour offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience to see Miami from a breathtaking vantage point. The stunning aerial views, the thrill of flying, and the opportunity to capture incredible photos make a helicopter tour worth every dollar spent.In the realm of unique experiences, a helicopter tour with Heli Air Miami reigns supreme. We invite you to leave the ordinary behind and embrace the extraordinary as you soar above Miami's captivating landscape.Whether you're looking for romantic things to do in Miami or simply seeking an adventure that leaves an indelible mark, these helicopter tours promise memories that will linger for a lifetime. From the stunning skyline to the shimmering coastline, see Miami in all its glory from the skies above!

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